Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Client Consultation

    • Hair care guide

    • How many rows to use

    • Client Pre consultation form

  2. 2

    • Sectioning bottom row

    • Sectioning main Row (Top Row)


    • Sectioning assignment!

  3. 3
    • Beaded Foundation for finer hair

    • Beaded Foundation for Medium/Thick hair

    • Bead work assignment

  4. 4
    • Hand tied weft placement

    • Genius Weft placement

    • Placement assignment

  5. 5
    • Stitching Hand tied weft with doubled up thread

    • Stitching hand tied weft with single thread

    • Starting stitch close up with Genius weft

    • Ending stitch close up with Genius weft

    • Stitching demo with NO wefts

    • Stitching assignment

  6. 6
    • How to tighten the Freya Method

  7. 7
    • Cutting and blending your extensions

    • Curling

  8. 8
    • Root Shadowing Extensions

  9. 9
    • Freya Professional Hand tied & Genius weft price list

    • How to price your services

  10. 10

  • Stylist Locator

    Once certified your contact information & location will be added to our stylist locator for clients all over the world to find.

  • Learn on the go!

    Our online program is mobile friendly so you can learn at any time. Pause, Play, rewind any time you need.

  • Exclusive access to Freya Extensions

    Certified Freya Method stylists get exclusive access to Freya Hand tied wefts & Genius wefts. Freya Extensions is ethically sourced from European single donor hair.

  • One on one mentoring

    Every second week you will have a call with your mentor. This mentor will assist you throughout your entire 4 weeks of the program and you can call message them at any time throughout your program.


  • What Is the Freya Method?

    he Freya Method was created in 2018, with a goal of creating a comfortable, damage free installation method that completely hides all attachments. The Freya Method is designed for use with hand tied extensions to create a seamless, barely there feel. The maintenance plan is like no other, designed to eliminate hours at the salon, Instead the Freya Method can cut your time and cost by over half with its 4 week maintenance plan.

  • What is included in my kit?

    Your kit includes Training hair, Freya method tool case, Freya Method gold or matte black pliers,Thread thick & thin, Hair grippers, Weft clips, 3 C Needles, Bead loopers, 4.5mm Copper silicone beads,4.0mm Silicone beads, Weft thread scissors + More -

  • What if i'm having troubles completing a step?

    The Freya Method comes with a mentoring program! We will check in weekly with a zoom call and discuss any issues or trouble you are having with any of the steps and help troubleshoot! The program is also designed with assignments that you must submit for grading and pass before moving on to phase 2. All Phase one work and assignments must be submitted on a mannequin head, Once phase one is passed you can move on to Phase 2 where you will do your assignments on a real person. Once Phase 2 is passed you are fully Freya Method certified!

  • Do I need to be licensed to take this course?

    Yes, You must be a registered apprentice or a licensed stylist in your state or province to be accepted in the Freya Method program

  • How long do i have access to the training videos?

    For life baby! Once you purchase your course you have full access.

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